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Lightworker? Are we not all the the same!?

Leo Beyond Light: Questions from Within

Humanity in general has been captured in a false sense of true reality for trillions of years. Whether you mention the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual aspect of the reality here on Earth. All are of the light, we all come from light. The issue here is that so many beings here are not aware of who they truly are (even many "lightworkers") that humanity cannot fully understand what and who the truly are.

We are love and even if you were birthed here as a being of light or a being from the lower realms, we all have a choice to choose light yet again or continue to experience that we are not. We all have free-will (although the dark doesn't care about your freewill) and are able to choose to stand in light or darkness for as long as we like. The issue is that the Earth has been dark for so long that many don't know what light and dark truly is anymore, many choose the darkness and stick to it as that's all they know. Many do not see through the illusion and allow themselves to come back to oneness, balance within self, and essentially become the love and light that they truly are.

Many in this realm wish to keep the subconscious separated from the conscious mind and the illusion going so they can continue to impact humanity and the universe for nefarious means. The meaning of "lightworker" doesn't make much sense as essentially you either consciously and subconsciously choose to reconnect to yourself (the light/love within) or you choose the darkness (disconnection from true self). You cannot straddle the middle between both, for if you did, you would not be choosing either and thus not choosing the way back to self.

All are one but all are choosing at this time, or have chosen, and thus you either choose to be one with true self (light) or you choose to be in the dark to experience that which you are not. Let me ask a question...

If you do not know who you truly are and what is truly going on, how are you working towards the light?

Everything you need is within you, nothing is outside of you. Love is I AM

Leo Beyond Light

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