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  • Spirituality, Love & Truth - Leo Beyond Light

    Welcome to my blog amazing being! Spirituality, Truth & Love for All Hello Amazing Souls! My name Leo Light and I'm a energy healer, spirit channel and deep meditation practitioner. I've created this blog as a way to share more information, my own experiences, understandings, and thoughts on Spirituality and the world in general. Much of what I write will be thought provoking, eye opening and on many levels mind blowing. Tune into yourself when questions are asked and see what is true for you. I hope that reading my blog posts bring a perspective of the world that will assist you to expand deeper into self and love. Make sure to interact, leave a comment and get involved. Love is all. Leo Beyond Light

  • Lightworker? Are we not all the the same!?

    Leo Beyond Light: Questions from Within Humanity in general has been captured in a false sense of true reality for trillions of years. Whether you mention the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual aspect of the reality here on Earth. All are of the light, we all come from light. The issue here is that so many beings here are not aware of who they truly are (even many "lightworkers") that humanity cannot fully understand what and who the truly are. We are love and even if you were birthed here as a being of light or a being from the lower realms, we all have a choice to choose light yet again or continue to experience that we are not. We all have free-will (although the dark doesn't care about your freewill) and are able to choose to stand in light or darkness for as long as we like. The issue is that the Earth has been dark for so long that many don't know what light and dark truly is anymore, many choose the darkness and stick to it as that's all they know. Many do not see through the illusion and allow themselves to come back to oneness, balance within self, and essentially become the love and light that they truly are. Many in this realm wish to keep the subconscious separated from the conscious mind and the illusion going so they can continue to impact humanity and the universe for nefarious means. The meaning of "lightworker" doesn't make much sense as essentially you either consciously and subconsciously choose to reconnect to yourself (the light/love within) or you choose the darkness (disconnection from true self). You cannot straddle the middle between both, for if you did, you would not be choosing either and thus not choosing the way back to self. All are one but all are choosing at this time, or have chosen, and thus you either choose to be one with true self (light) or you choose to be in the dark to experience that which you are not. Let me ask a question... If you do not know who you truly are and what is truly going on, how are you working towards the light? Everything you need is within you, nothing is outside of you. Love is I AM Leo Beyond Light

  • What is Happening in The World?

    Leo Beyond Light: The Questions Within "Is the world as a population becoming more entrapped by society via their own reluctance to seek out the love and truth deep inside themselves?" The seeking of a savior outside of everything that they are as a human, is keeping them from truly seeing what is going on in the world and reality in general?... What is the "truth?"... "How can the world be "awakening & ascending" if it's getting worse?." "Why is it getting worse if the light is taking over?" This is what I asked. When you look outside your window or walk around your city/town. Is it getting better? be honest with yourself and put all belief systems aside, put aside what you believe or have been told, look at all that is occurring. "Why is it not getting better? Why is it not changing? Why is there more homelessness. Why is there more tighter Government controls?" Are many people are following a belief that the light has won and that we are on the path to ascension and truly believe that we are even when it's getting worse and the darkness is not stopping!? Let me ask another question... "How many of you reading have connected fully to your higher self?" I don't mean a past life version, a version on another planet, a version in the angelic realms, etc. I mean the version of self that is just love, the pure version of self, the self untouched by the illusions/disillusions of self experience. The version that has not experienced light and dark through the idea/experience of polarity/duality under the law of free-will. "How can we be ascending if we cannot even connect/communicate with the pure love consciousness within ourself!?" "Isn't ascending becoming one with self and knowing that you are love in human form?" Remembering who you truly are as a soul, not an incarnation, a complete soul remembrance. Is that not ascension!? "How can we be ascending if we're not even fully connecting to our true essence which is love?" This is the question I asked myself. I asked this exact question, and the answer I got back was simply that ascension is a choice, and it is completely individual to the person experiencing it due to the law of free-will. Essentially, you have to choose to ascend, you have to choose to reconnect, you have to do it yourself as no higher being (unless dark) will evade the law of free-will. In knowing this... "How many people are truly ascending?" "How many people are truly connecting to the true essence of self?"... Love is I AM Leo Beyond Light

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  • Services | Leo Beyond Light

    MY SERVICES How Can I Help You? I have been providing deep energy healing services for over 10 years, and have loved connecting and assisting all of my clients for their highest good. I started with CCSMC/CCMBA and Universal Life Energy Healing, along with training in Past-life Regression and eventually leading to channeled soul energy healing. I am equipped and ready to assist you to connect more to your true soul- self. MORE INFORMATION BELOW What Can I Expect in a Session!? Leo's Services 1 hr Live Video Call S essi on What can be included? A live call session where we discuss how I can assist you the most to grow and reconnect. Trance Channeled healing & messages Energy Healing NLP and subconscious work Trauma & body based release Guided connection healing & more Cost Per Session - £249 BOOK THIS I AM ONLY TAKING 1-2-1 SESSIONS AS A DUO & MENTORSHIP SESSIONS. SEE BELOW. 30 Min Live Video Session What can be included? A live call session where we discuss how I can assist you the most to grow and reconnect. Trance Channeled healing & messages Energy Healing NLP and subconscious work Trauma & body based release Guided connection healing & more Cost Per Session - £130 BOOK THIS I AM ONLY TAKING 1-2-1 SESSIONS AS A DUO & MENTORSHIP SESSIONS. SEE BELOW. 1 Month Mentorship Program What is included? Our Duo Mentorship Program is truly powerful and expansive! The program was built to assist you to open up your channel to self fully, and assist you to remember who you truly are. It will help you break free from old programming and help you open up fully in order to tap into your ancient gifts and the power deep inside you. To remember who you truly are is the aim as guided by higher consciousness. During this Mentorship Program, you will be guided and essentially taught to start taping into your heart space, your soul consciousness, and subconscious mind, in order to pull in soul remembrance, and healing, for past and present trauma. This eventually enables you to connect to yourself in a way that you begin to remember your true self. ❤️ The mentorship monthly is $1777 and I suggest a 3 month mentorship to assist you in opening up your channel in a way that it can assist you to remember yourself more and bring lasting change However the mentorship can last as long as you need it. I have a few that are on their 5th month of their mentorship Cost Per Month - £1488 JOIN THIS You can't decide? Send me a message if you feel that I can assist but you are unsure on what to choose, or you would like more information on sessions or other projects. Talk to me

  • Psychic Medium Multidimensional Channeler | Leo Beyond Light

    New Website Coming Soon! Book a Healing Session with Myself and JoJo below! Sign up to be the first to know when I go live. Notify Me Thanks for submitting! I Am Leo Beyond Light Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied

  • About | Leo Beyond Light

    About Leo Beyond Light 'Everyday is a new opportunity to reconnect to self, learn and grow!' Book A Session Since reconnecting to myself more fully. I have been on a journey of discovery and expansion, that at times has been beyond what I could ever imagine or explain fully. Even so, I have assisted myself through the dark and the light to fully reconnect to that which you would call your "higher-self" outside of space and time. ​ Since reconnecting, I've been channeling my higher-selves beyond the universal systems in order to get a solid understanding of what is truly happening in the universe and planet in general. I have assisted many people to open and reconnect with their true authentic self over the last several months, and have enjoyed doing full-time channeled healing sessions for over 10 years. I have also worked with clients all over the world from all walks of life and look forward to meeting and assisting more. If you feel called to go deeper in to yourself and reconnect, contact me below. Welcome to my website and thank you for being here.

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