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 We are LOVE in human FORM 
 It's time to REMEMBER who we are! 

Are you looking for support in remembering your soul consciousness/who you are on a soul consciousness level?

Do you want support in remembering who you are as a multidimensional and soul consciousness being? 

If you feel the pull to reconnect, release the old contracts and beliefs, and open more to your soul consciousness.

Book a 15 minute  session & lets see what we can activate together. 

Psychic Medium & Multidimensional Trance Channeler

 Leo Beyond Light


Hi, I'm Leo Light!

It was January 05, 2015 when Leo had his 3rd out of body experience, he woke up floating above his body but this time was different. This time he saw other beings walking around him (like a psychic medium does) and he panicked before diving back into his body. This set Leo off on a mission to understand spiritual awakening and what was truly going on in this realm, and what was purpose of life was in general.


His search took him to full-on astral out of body experiences, psychic readings, tarot cards, angel numbers, kundalini energies, spiritual ascension and eventually training in various Earth based energy healing modalities. Through angel numbers, channeled messages, spiritual meditations, deep trance channeled states and other systems. Over time and much inner work, Leo was able to reconnect through the New Earth energies back to self. 

After receiving many soul fragments back from other lifetimes of trauma. Studying Reiki, Quantum Healing, Kundalini Energy Healing and deep Trance Channeling. Leo's memories of past-lives and who he was, is, and has been, started to come up to the surface once again. Unlocking parts of self hidden deep within the subconscious mind. Leo began learning that we are all truly connected to each other on this new Earth.

Every single plant, animal, and human are connected through energy ascension and spirit but separated through trauma and past/ongoing events. And thus, he learned that whilst healing for himself and others through his connection to the creator he was able to make a real impact on people's lives.

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"Love is I AM"

Climbing Plants
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Leo

Over 1,000 Client Sessions & Over 10 years of Experience

DRPT & Soul Retrieval Trained

Universal Life Energy (ULFE) Practitioner

Metaphysical, Astral Travel & OBE experience

Multi-Dimensional & Higher-self & Source Spirit Channel

Understands That all Is Love & Love is All

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My Services

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Live One to One  Session


Beyond Light Mentorship Program


Personal MP3 Recording

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