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Is this Truth? Is that Truth? What is Truth?

Leo Beyond Light: Questions from Within

I receive many messages where I am asked about other peoples messages and posts. I simply say... "Ask yourself as all the answers are within you"... "Go inside of yourself and connect to the essence of self that knows all, you will learn the truth from within, truly". If you cannot do this or if you cannot connect to the true essence of that which you are, then can you think more openly?

Maybe anything that is telling you to rely on someone else, or something else, outside of yourself to help you connect, ascend, change, or become free in some form is keeping you from connecting to the truth inside...And Is this truly assisting/helping you?

Is not your freedom/connection to source and all that you are within you?... Yeshua (Jesus) & Buddha spring to mind...

'Leo... We have just reset the 12th Avatar & Holy Grail lines connected to the 12th Dimensional Royal Bloodline of the 7th Ray of the Universal System Template. We will all be free soon!'...

"But isn't freedom from within? How does that heal me and make me free? How does that assist us to connect to ourselves and become our true selves?"

'We now have more power and freedom to become ourselves as everything is resetting now!'

"But if everything comes from within you. Is not your salvation, your connection, your love, your truth within you? Is it not outside of you? How does this directly assist me?" 'You'll see soon that everything will change as the 888 portal will close the darker energies and bring new ones in!' "But how does that directly affect me connecting to myself? How is that helping me to remember who you I am as a soul? Remembering all lifetimes, when we were created as a soul and all that we are? How does it help us to connect?"

The BIG question is... "how much do you truly know about yourself? Are you remembering who you are? or following someone else's experiences and beliefs disconnected from your true-self?"...

Everything you truly need is inside of you,

Leo Beyond Light

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